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Palak dal recipe foodymania
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Palak Dal with Pudina

Palak Pudina Dal is a yummy and healthy recipe for you from foodymania. You can give this recipe a name as a mix lentil green soup. I have taken here Split Black gram (Urad dal), Split Chickpeas (Chana Dal) and Moong dal along with Spinach. Urad dal, like any other member of the legume family supplies high amounts of protein and other nutrients. Urad dal may be useful in managing bloating/gas due to its laxative …

Beans, Peas, Lentils Vegan Recipes

Colocassia (Arvi) leaves in lentil

Arvi leaves are green in colour and mostly used in Indian dishes. Cooked Arvi has a slightly sweet flavour. You can use them in different meal items by using variety of cooking methods- will give you unique flavours and texture to your Arvi Dishes. Arvi are full of Vitamin A (good for eyes) and Vitamin C (immunity booster) We combined them with dal in this specific recipe so good source of protein too.