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Foodymania is looking for talented cooking freaks to write for us. We’d love to read your recipes and if they secrete our taste-buds, We will post them in our site. And we might even make you our permanent authors.

Guidelines for writing with Foodymania

1. Your content must be original and in clean and neat format.(You may use our posts for reference)

2. Your content must be at-least 400-500 words

3. You must include an original image.

4. You should include a brief description of your article or recipes.

5. Also do include a brief description about you so our readers can know about you.

6. Please make sure to choose atleast 2-3 keywords to include more than once in your content.

We will publish your content if we love it and will mail you when your content is published so make to drop your mail id.

We will be excited to read your submissions 




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