Cooking procedures

Cooking Procedures Used by You

Here I have tried to share few methods of cooking which we generally use in our kitchen day to day. There are some Cooking Procedures which we use that have minor differences (like FRY and SAUTE) during cooking food but it can affect texture and flavours of your food product. Soooooo…… be careful : ))


  • baketo cook by dry heat in oven.
  • blanch – to put food in boiling water in order to either smoothen or tendering or remove the skin.
  • boil – to cook at boiling point.
  • deep fry – to cook food in a deep layer of hot fat (i.e. oil/ghee)
  • fryto cook in a small amount of fat.
  • grill – to cook directly under a flame or heating in a oven.
  • melt – to heat solid ingredients until they transfer into liquid.
  • preheat – to heat oven to stated temperature before putting product in.
  • saute – to fry food in small amount of fat (ghee/butter/oil) until golden and tender.
  • steam – to cook in the steam which arises from pan of boiling water.
  • toast – to dry and make the surface of foods (like bread or nuts )

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