Herbs and types of herbs

Herbs should be always available in your kitchen storage. Almost all the herbs has lot of health benefits as well as the sometimes work as antibacterial anti-fungus. See the list of few herbs which I always keep in my kitchen. Today,We will see the types of herbs :

Types of Herbs

  1. Basil : Try to find freshly prepared basil, you can even grow in your kitchen garden. Sometimes that is fine if you use dried or substitute another herb. A pot of basil in the kitchen will keep flies away.
  2. Bay leaf : Good in biryani rice and some pulses like chickpeas and red beans and sauces. A leaf kept in a packet of grains will give them a delicate taste.
  3. Chives : Chop some fresh chives into pasta, salad or soup for zippy taste. Chives has a mild oniony flavour with slight hint of garlic.
  4. Coriander : Also known as Japanese parsley or dhania or cilantro. It is used lavishly in many parts of the world and almost all the parts of it are edible. It has many health benefits.
  5. Dill: Dill is widely grown in Eurasia where its seeds and leaves are used as spice and herb for flavouring a food.
  6. Mint : There are many species of this popular herb, from spearmint to the fresh tasting peppermint used for tisanes ( herbal tea). There are many health benefits so used in different juices, dishes and infused water. It gives instant relief in indigestion and stomachache.
  7. Oregano : Oregano is a flowering plant of mint family. Luckily it keeps all its aroma when it is dried.
  8. Bishop’s weed/ carom/Ajwain: is annual plant which seeds and leaves both can be consumed. Ajwain seeds can be eaten as mouth- freshner and used in many dishes. Leaves are also used in pakora and other dishes
  9. Thymes : Widely grown in temperate regions of Europe, North africa and Asia. This popular herb contains an essential oil, thymol, which helps to digest fatty food.It can be used dried or fresh in all kind of dishes.

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